Joe’s Run Recreational Trail is open but use caution! The Muskingum Valley Park District has scheduled contract work to repair and stabilize the trails on Joe’s Run Recreational Trail starting on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. This work will affect the entire trail from Blue Avenue to Adams Lane to Collegial Woods Trails until further notice.

Accepting Registrations For Conservation Kids On April 1st Meetings on the last Sunday of the month starting on February 26, 2023.

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Muskingum County is rich in opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts who come from far and wide to enjoy hiking, biking, the outdoors and exploring nature. The trails and parks maintained by the Muskingum Valley Park District offer many miles and acres to “Wander into the Great Outdoors”. So load up your pets, gather a group, get with your family and friends, or take a stroll by yourself and wander the wonderful outdoors that Muskingum Valley Park District has to offer.

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Upcoming Events

The Muskingum Valley Park District - 3rd Annual Amphibian Palooza

3rd Annual Amphibian Palooza

  • McGraw Edison Recreation Area

Interested in frogs, toads, newts, and salamanders? Want to learn about the macroinvertebrates (small animals without backbones) found in streams like dragonfly larva and mayflies? Looking for some outdoor family fun? Then join Michelle Illing with the Muskingum Valley Park District and Nicole Hafer-Lipstreu, Education/Outreach Specialist with Wild at Hart Wildlife Rehabilitation on Saturday, April 29th, at 2pm at McGraw Edison Recreation Area. We will be exploring the vernal pools, stream, and pond in search of the many amphibians that call the park home.

Event is rain or shine. Please wear waterproof gear. You are welcome to bring a small container and a net to observe the critters we find. Limited supplies are available to use. Free to attend.

The Muskingum Valley Park District - National Public Gardens Day Celebration

National Public Gardens Day Celebration

  • Mission Oaks Gardens

Join us to celebrate National Public Gardens Day, an annual national event held to show appreciation to local public gardens within your community. Our event welcomes the fairies back to the gardens and shows appreciation to our community. This year, our event brings back vendors to the gardens. The public can shop local nature-inspired and garden arts and crafts, enjoy the gardens casually or learn park history during a guided tour, explore the Discovery Shed and play in Olga’s Children’s Garden. Free to attend; vendor prices vary. Food and music may be provided as we are currently looking for sponsors.

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