John McIntire Outdoor Classroom

The John McIntire Outdoor Classroom features plantings of native trees and prairie plants. The prairie plantings include a Monarch butterfly way station which is composed of over thirty milkweed plants representing three separate cultivars. A solar powered stone bubbler serves as a water source for pollinators and animals that visit the classroom.

The outdoor classroom seating area was constructed from locally harvested, rough sawn oak timbers arranged in a radius around a flagstone teaching stage. Future developments will include the installation of additional native trees and vines, construction of a sailcloth shade structure over the classroom, and an educational feature to highlight local geology.

Directions: Located in the City of Zanesville at the corner of McIntire and Blue Avenues.

1007 McIntire Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio 43701

The Muskingum Valley Park District - John McIntire Outdoor Classroom