Muskingum Recreational Trail

The Muskingum Recreational Trail extends south from Dresden River Park to just north of Gilbert Station Road. The corridor consists of asphalt paved trail and gravel base. Approximately six miles of asphalt trail connects the Village of Dresden to Rock Cut Road in Muskingum Township. An additional section of paved trail exists between Rock Cut Road and Ellis Dam Road to the south. Much of the trail follows the Muskingum River and offers exceptional views of huge rock formations and myriad wildlife watching opportunities for bald eagles, turkey, beaver, river otter, and more.

Much of the corridor’s unpaved sections are slated for paving during the 2022 construction season as part of a federal Transportation Alternative Program grant.

Directions: It's approximately 6 miles of asphalt trail connecting the Village of Dresden in Jefferson Township to Rock Cut Road in Muskingum Township. Parking available in the lot adjacent to the Jefferson Twp building at Rock Cut Road & 1st Street parking lot in Dresden.

1595 Main St, Dresden, OH 43821
(740) 455-8237

The Muskingum Valley Park District - Muskingum Recreational Trail


The trail is open seven days a week, dawn to dusk, for walking, jogging, hiking, wildlife watching, in-line skating, and cross country skiing weather permitting. Motorized vehicles, except for wheelchairs and emergency vehicles, are NOT permitted.

The trail extends from the north end of the Village of Dresden to Rock Cut Road in Muskingum Township. Please access the trail map pdf on this website.

Pets are welcome provided they are on a leash. To insure that everyone experiences a safe and beautiful visit, please keep pet droppings off of the trail surface.

Public parking areas are located in the Village of Dresden. Trail access and parking are available from the Jefferson Township property, 1595 Main Street, Dresden, Ohio. A small parking lot is located at 55 Rock Cut Road in Muskingum Township.